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How many times it has happened to you that on a brutal Monday Morning someone perky asks you the question,

“So, what did you do this weekend?”

And you literally did nothing than binge watch The Office AGAIN.

We all need a fun weekend story. So tap on our Calendar and book a seat today.

What is the purpose of a heritage company?

The folly of history is that even though it is about people it never manages to engage people in the present. A heritage company tries to connect the people to its ancient, medieval and modern past by engaging them with heritage through words and through actions. They guide you through the confusing history and make you aware that heritage is all around you.

Why Enroute Indian History?

Enroute Indian History is a heritage educative venture that started as a simple act of making history interesting and fun through stories. It wants to simply undo what the history textbooks and god awful lectures have been doing till now- make history and heritage punishable!

It is easy to just give a walking heritage tour where you throw dates, names and facts like bullet pellets. The challenge of a heritage organization is to re-invent and re-introduce heritage to masses in a lucid, narrative story that has same range of human emotions of love, betrayal, jealousy, humor, failure and triumphant like any multi-starrer blockbuster movie that you keep on watching.

The aim of this company is to make you see the city in a new light, with a fresher perspective, newer spaces and actually knowing your city as a heritage of the past and a living breathing space of the present.

Give us a chance to make this city more familiar and closer to you as you and I walk through the narrow streets and exhausting crowd discovering the hidden spaces and lost mansions and monuments like Indiana Jones!

Bashny Ghat Delhi, 1858

View of Delhi from Jumma Masjid, 1880

Kashmere Gate Delhi,1890

About the Founder

Anoushka Jain is a post-graduate in History from Delhi University and holds a diploma in Art History. She has an experience working in oral and visual traditions of folklore at IGNCA(Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts). Her interest in museums has made her work with National Museum and temporary Community Museum half her academic life.

She loves conducting and leading walks because she wants people to know how embarrassing historical figures can be, so that we too can simply get over ourselves. She claims to be funny and entertaining and sincerely believes that one day she will be more loved than McDonalds! Take a walk with her.