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Museum of inheritance

The project aims to create a virtual community pool of memory that collects photos and stories of ‘family heirlooms’ from people. Heirlooms are objects that you share an emotional or sentimental value with. It may or may and not have a monetary value. These objects are passed from great- grandparents or grandparents to their children who pass it on to their kids and so on.

Why Museum of Inheritance was started?

I lost both my grandfathers at a young age. The surviving people of their generation are my grandmothers- paternal and maternal- with whom I share a hindered relationship with as none of them are fond of demonstrating love and affection. Yet, my memories of my maternal grandfather is vivid and alive, I can touch, smell, play and dance with those memories. These memories are the family stories that have been told again and again.

100 year old inkpot

The stories of his love for movies that he watched with Spartan sense of duty, the child like temper and innocence he held, or the Sunday morning ritual of cooking dishes in big cauldrons. These stories are anchored with family recipes on paper, the utensils he used or the old black and white photographs pasted precariously in a red velvet album.

Family history and heirlooms are important as they are anchor to our past and a key to know ourselves better. It is not just the odd height, fat nose, frizzy hair or diabetes that we inherit from our families but also the short temper, mischief, or love adventure and experiment.

How can you contribute in Museum of Inheritance?

Every family has objects that are passed on from parents to children that they keep. Objects that are broken, old, tattered wrapped safely inside the cupboard or drawer. It is sometimes old furniture sitting unassumingly in your home.

If you have objects such as watch, old photos, medals, trophies, passport, letters, furniture, spectacles, sari, utensils or jewelry that has a story then contact Enroute Indian History. Send us a photo and a story, episode, memory or anecdote that you can share with the community.

History is about people that leap time and space and are closer to us just by remembrance.
Read some of the objects and stories people have shared here:

The expensive 'phool ke bartan
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