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What People Have to say

Divyani Motla

“You keep history interesting for historians as well! I eagerly wait for your stories because they are so well researched, funny and creative. Your transmission of knowledge is brilliant!”

Anukul Singh

“I proudly presented myself as ‘born and brought up in Delhi’, I selfishly just basked the treasures of urbanized capital, and completely UNAWARE that Delhi has been a fancy of so many travelers for centuries. You blend your wits of storytelling with bottomless knowledge with her quirky lens! In her stories you’ll find warmth that will suddenly transform Delhi from crowded to crazy!”

Vibha Puri

“I was a person who always bunked History classes in school, the ones I did attend were spent dozing off, sitting on the last bench. The way you tell stories with wit and humor has made even a person like to me to look forward to your walks, articles and social media updates. Keep going! It’s such a brilliant way to educate people.”

Vignesh Singh

“If you are interested in Indian History but are too lazy to read about it, this is the place for you! I keep on getting these really cool facts which actually works like a hack to start small conversations!”

Soumya Johri

“It’s always so wonderfully researched and constructed. It simply lifts the mood to hear about history in such an enagaging and fun way! Who knew?”

Prachi Malhotra

“I love your stories. I’m glad you make history so much fun. Your brief, quirky description are perfect to understand a particular time period or culture!”

Aditi Jain

“This is an amazing work of effort. You put so much hardwork into collecting pictures, writing and sharing stories while maintaining your brilliant sense of humor! Congrats!”

Purwai Pravah

“Thank you so much your stories are great! You gave an overall picture of the history, culture and people and their position in the current state. I didn’t know any of this!”

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